FFXIV Reaper And Sage Job Actions Revealed


FFXIV's seven-hour long Letter from the Producer revealed more information about Endwalker's two new jobs--Reaper and Sage. You can check out the Reaper and Sage segments in the Job Action video attached below to get a sense of what the rotations and designs feel like. Other jobs' Endwalker upgrades and tweaks are also included in the same video, if you'd like to check out how your main has changed or stayed the same.


Reaper falls under the melee DPS category. Maining a scythe weapon, Reaper players are also accompanied by a shadowy grim reaper-looking avatar. By becoming the vessel for this avatar, reapers can unleash attacks that cause more damage.

Reaper has two gauges, one of them being the Soul Gauge. Charging up the Soul Gauge allows reapers to deploy different attacks, including some of the ones available when "possessed" by the avatar. The second gauge, the Shroud Gauge, starts filling up when the reaper uses both their attacks and their avatar's attacks. This gauge will allow you to be possessed by the avatar and utilize special combos.

Reaper also has a unique movement ability. In the Job Action video, the Reaper opened portal-looking holes and was able to teleport to and from the placement of these said portals.

This job leans towards pure melee DPS, much like Samurai, though "not as extreme," according to director and producer Naoki Yoshida. Reaper can buff the party--as demonstrated by the Reaper "taking" something out of the Bard in the Job Action video.

All melee DPS will get a change to Feint--the effect will reduce both physical and magical damage dealt now, with a larger reduction for physical damage.


Sage--aka healer with guns--joins Scholar as a barrier healer. Its calling card is the unique ability to attack enemies and heal a targeted party member at the same time.

Sage has a resource that builds up over time and allows Sage players to execute instant barrier heals. The job also has a gap closer called Icarus that allows you to zoom around, aided by the Nouliths (the gun-like weapons). The overall design and feeling of the Sage job gives a more sci-fi feeling--many fans say it reminds them of Gundam--as opposed to the more fantasy vibes of Astrologian, White Mage, and Scholar.

In general, all healer jobs will get the following adjustments: addition of single-target buffs, shortened cast time for offensive spells, and a 50m limit break expansion.

Endwalker releases on November 19 for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, and Playstation 5. This expansion will conclude FFXIV's 10-year story arc surrounding Hydaelyn and Zodiark, but will not mark the end for FFXIV as a whole. You can check out a short interview we did with Yoshida for more information.

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